Our Purpose

The Cooperative Turfgrass Breeders Test was started in the fall of 2004. The objective of the test is to combine resources among cool-season turfgrass breeders in order to provide more extensive trial data, economically.

The United States is a large geographical area with many diverse climates and microclimates. Because of this, it is necessary to obtain as much data on a cultivar as possible. The National Turfgrass Evaluation Program provides an extensive testing system but is cost-prohibitive for screening a large number of cultivars. Therefore, the CTBT was established in order to facilitate decisions about which cultivars should be entered into a National Trial. The CTBT has been designed to cover multiple test sites across the U.S. so that researchers may gain information about the scope of adaptation of their cultivars.

Cooperators at chosen sites will collect data on turf quality, color, density, and various diseases or insects. The data is analyzed and distributed to cooperators, sponsors, and posted on this website. The sponsors encourage the use of this data but request that the data use guidelines are respected.

Tall Fescue, Bluegrass Species, Fine Fescue, and Perennial Ryegrass are all represented. All previous data is still accessible.

Full Test Reports